Hi, I am Costis. I was born on planet Earth a cold day of February, not many years ago. More specifically, I was blessed to grow up in the greek island of Paros, in the famous picturesque village of Naoussa. I used to have many interests as a child, just to name some; from poetry and literature to historiy and geography, from meeting different people and cultures to trying new tastes and dress or communicate under new foreign codes. But what I liked the most was to get lost in anonymity and find myself in nature, away from any human existence.

   My first trip abroad was in Italy with my family when I was 12. Even if I visited 3 more times “Bel Paese” since then , it wasn’t till my first “semi-solo” ten-day trip in Paris where I realized that I could experience all the above and more through travelling. That was it, my world had changed forever; Paris was my journey from darkness to light. After this landmark, I  managed to visit 39 cities in 13 countries in less than a year and a half. Travelling became a passion for me and a way to relief my soul and comfort my heart. Feeling excitement to discover one more aspect of myself through every of my journeys, I feel I can’t help but to do what I love the most.