9 similarities between Madonna and Me

"I saw her face to face in Paris"

Madonna performing a mashup of "Holy Water" and "Vogue" at Bercy Arena, Paris.

Happy Birthday Madonna!

The Queen of Pop turns 59 today and due to this I decided to write a "funny" post about Madonna and me.
So here are 7 things that;

1. We are both born on the 16th.
2. We are both of Italian descent.
3. We have the same opinion about "50 shades of grey". I just didn't find anything interesting on the book while the rest of people were going crazy about it. "50 shades of grey is sexy maybe only if you haven't had sex before", Madonna said.
4. We both believe that "sometimes you have to be a bitch to get things done".
5. We are both dating younger men…. Sorry.
6. Madonna thinks most of the people are stupid. So do I, but I usually call them "mind-limited".
7. We are both bossy. I still think I am a nice person tho.
8. We both speak our minds no matter what.
9. We both see provocation as a way to change the world.

In that moment a huge dream of mine eventually came true. Here she was performing a cool version of "Burning Up".