Why I interrupted a Drag Show

"The reason I took the stage"

The dance floor of Hah Club in Wroclaw (photo from HaH's Facebook page).

During my Erasmus studies in Poland, I spent many nights partying at HaH Club in Wroclaw which most of the times I attended alone (!) What if Wroclaw was 80 km from Nysa (the city I was actually living in) that never discouraged me from taking the an hour and a quarter-trip by bus every Friday or Saturday at 19:45 and be back home the next day by train -sometimes even at 9:00 pm. Fun was indeed above all the tiredness. And so this travel story starts like that:

It was another cold weekend of December that I decided to hang out at my favorite club. I remember that weekend I was hosted by my good friend Jakub whom I met him and his company some weeks ago in the same club. I arrived at Kuba's home on Friday afternoon where we had good time. The next day though my friend had to go at work so I decided to make a small day-trip at Ksiaz Castle near Walbrzych city. My next post is going to be about it.
From right to left; the no photo-enthusiastic and always shy Jacob, the serious Anna and the almost always drunk despicable me.

After Kuba finished work and I returned from my mini trip we cooked at home and dressed up to have fun at Hah even if we were feeling way to tired. We met with Anja a few minutes before 22:30 (polish like to party early!) and headed to the club. When we arrived, we said to the cashier the codeword of that Saturday to gain free access and so we entered the club. By the way, I repeated so many times the codeword so as to memorize that it's funny I almost still remember it: " karaoke we ftorek Hah club".
Anyway, we left our jackets, bags and scarfs to the dressing room and grabbed some beers from
the bar. We have been drinking and dancing for quite a long time when at a point the DJ welcomed a Drag Queen and she immediately got up on the stage. She started singing polish songs and from the crowd's reaction I supposed she was kinda popular. After a short break, she took the stage again but this time performing pop American songs . So, I was waiting on the edge of my seat to hear a Madonna's song. To be honest, I was a bit upset because the latest times o have been there the DJ play Madonna just a tad. While I have been "patiently" waiting for this moment, I somehow realized she's not going to sing Madonna at all. Then it was time to take action…

A naughty themed photo from another night at Hah. We've been an incredible dancing team.

I have to admit at this point that things are usually simple enough to me and so … I got up on the stage, I walked up to the singer and put my left hand over her shoulders. The Drag Queen was surprised, the crowd was shocked and I was just… myself. Then I complaint about the fact that the DJ hadn't play Madonna at all tonight so she had to sing Madonna. "Otherwise, I am offered to sing by myself instead of you" I told her. Me owning the moment; I had no idea that my intervention was captured by the club's photographer till Patryk , another friend who was in the crowd, send me a screenshot of it (photo from HaH's Facebook page).

I am not quite sure that she understood what I was saying but she was moving her head upside down like saying to me "ok, I will". However, I think she felt like she had no other choice but to agree with me. Moments later, I felt two hands touching gently my waist. It was a security guy who politely -I could say- wanted me to get off the stage. Obviously, I had just interrupted the show. I let him to accompany me to the stairs without objection. And that was all. Did they accept my request? Well to be honest, that night no! But the next nights, Madonna's voice ruled the Club and I was there to party rocking. I had done my thing.
The Queen on the video-wall. The weekends that followed her latest hits like "Bitch I am Madonna" or older like "Like A Virgin" or "Music" just sent me into ecstasy.