My daily life in Paros

         How I spend Summer 2017

Even if I work almost 12 hours per day I always escape reality and find a tad of time for reading and relaxing with a great view. Here at the balcony of Sommaripa Consolato; one of my favorite spots in the island.

    Firstly, I would like to say that I feel kind guilty for not having much free time to write my travel stories since I have so many things to share; from the incredible food experiences to the amazing nights I have spent in clubs around Europe. However, what’s most of importance in life is to make memories and not to narrate the old one, right ? So, I am currently that busy in working (but also in creating “new staff” of experiences)  that I decided to describe a usual day of my life in Paros.    

At Naoussa’s little port there are many restaurants and bars around and of course the characteristic bastion of the Venetian medieval castle.

     For those who don’t know, Paros -apart from a super famous Greek island- is also my hometown. So this is where I spend most of my summer every year. This year, I work in my two family businesses; at Aoussa Jewelry and Statheros Meze Place (restaurant). So, in a usual day I would leave my home at 12:00 pm and return back at 2:00 am or even sometimes at 6:00 am depends on if I will go for drink or spend my night (and sleep) in a beach. This actually means I only go home for sleeping which is quite a fact.  

Enjoying my dinner at Statheros Meze Place before work. I always have fun to work with my brother and Constantina there.

    However, I have enough time to enjoy either a cold tea in the morning or in the afternoon during my 2 hours break. And then after work, I can either go for night-swimming, party or enjoy a relaxing cocktail by the sea. If you ask me if I feel lucky; yes I do feel lucky and blessed for doing that and not having a horrendous summer in Athens or another big city.  

I always see this cute cat sleeping when I go from one family store to the other.
Heading to Statheros Meze Place.
This very moment when you do feel free.