Throwback to Santorini 

Another last minute savior trip

   What can I say about Santorini that hasn’t been mentioned before? One of the world’s top summer atttactions, with 2 million visitors annually, has always been only 50 miles away from my home-island, Paros. Yet I have travelled in a lot islands around, I only visited Santorini last year for the very first time…. 
A quick flashback

 It was June and I was in Athens performing on my last courses…. My university’s exams were about to end on the end of June and I couldn’t wait to go back home in Naoussa, Paros for the season. After having visited Hydra Island in May, I was thinking how wonderful would be a trip to Santorini, however I had no time for “holidays”. So, an upcoming trip in th  volcano island could only be planned for next year. Then at the mid of June after some personal incidents took part, whatever I might now admit, made me think a bit differently.  While I was learning for the last course, I remember I would go; “why the fuck to wait till summer of 2017 to travel in Santorini? Life is short. If I am not living the life I want then there is no reason breathing”. Simple. So, I booked my unexpected trip for the very next weekend, only two or three days before I finish my exams… And so another savior-trip eventually happened:

Santorini’s architecture didn’t remind me at all the typical Cycladic style of the other islands, but it was still stunning.
Walking at the well-known “Caldera”.
Despicable Me: The Septum Version
And my Despicable Legs: The famous “Red Beach” Version. As you can see, the sand is truly red, a volcano result I guess.
Such a romantic place, is obviously the absolute choice for couples. A certain condition? To be still in love.
I have to admit I wasn’t super lucky with the weather. My first day was very cloudy and depressive (not a savior trip at all indeed), however the next days were great. Yet, I actually feel lucky too because I lived the cloudy version of Santorini. As I have said before, everything is an experience; even a very uncomfortable moment has to be treated like that.
It’s all about food (and sex of course). By the way, my mussels were too spicy for me. Such an unpleasant aphrodisiac moment.
More seafood to have my testosterone going.
I am sorry for the quality, it’s due to the mist.
Such an incredible view.
And one last photo: my unfiltered despicable legs. Me me me and only me; I am not taking life (or myself) completely seriously. By the way, I got the suntan before my visit.

 End of  voluntary recurrent memory.