Virginer: The story of a name

Why I Named My Blog “The Virginer”

 Well, I know many will think it’s something with a sexual meaning…but it’s not.I inspired my new nickname when I did my solo trip in Malta this April. So, let’s travel back to time.

“The absolute place to party in Malta” – Paceville.

It was Saturday and as usual I was about to attend a club to dance, drink and have fun. After spending much time to be rad, I arrived at Paceville, the party area of Valletta, and I easily found the AXM club. While I was about to enter, the security guy stopped me and kindly asked for my ID.

My “18 or less” look of that night. Discovering the Paceville, I heard that is illegal to drink out in public after 9:00 p.m.




“Excuse me??? I am the King.”, was my first shocking thought and I almost laughed with my silly self. It was actually the first time ever that I was asked to show my document. While searching in my butt pocket, I was thinking how amazing is indeed to still look that young. So, I took that as a compliment. “Do I look like 18 or less?”, I asked while indicating my year of birth on the ID. The security guy made a cute grin like trying to apologize. “Do I look like a virgin?”, I joked again while I was getting in.  Moments later, I was thinking that somebody just thought that this could even be my first time in a club. My virgin time. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed by the idea of doing something again feeling like it was your first time. I mean the feeling of curiosity or wholeness or the enthusiasm we do feel when we do anything for the first time.

For example, how great would I feel if each of my next trips would feel like my virgin trip. I remember that when my father announced me our first family trip abroad I was crying. This feeling of anticipation for something totally new is great.

On the second time, I cried too. The third time I went abroad was as a part of the greek delegation for the European Parliament and when the results came out I was screaming. As far as my fourth is concerned, well, I don’t remember me to cry or scream.

Moments before I came up with the idea of “Virginer”.

So somehow when we repeat things we automatically loose the satisfaction we get. So, I thought that may be a “virgin” is the secret of life; to attend a club and dance crazy like it is your first time, to eat an ice cream like you haven’t taste that before, to stand, watch and be thrilled by a sunset like you haven’t seen any before.

So, be a “virginer” means to experience anything with such ethousiasm like it is your first time. And yes, that was what I was thinking in the club. And that’s how “Virginer” was born in Malta.