I have eaten grasshopper

Australian Meal Vol.2

…the Australian dinner experience goes on.    IMG_6972

 As I was about to pick the mixed plate I was shocked to find out that includes these awful creatures. I looked at Dora a bit desperate. I remember I had hard negotiations with her whether to include the grasshoppers or not:

-…look Dora, If I see these “shits” on my plate and especially being served the same way like in the photo, I am not going to eat anything at all.

How grasshoppers were promoted on the menu…

– Oh come on, grasshoppers rock. I eat them often too.

– Do you?

-Of course I do.

– Anyway, I wouldn’t like to…

– Say no more. You are going to have it on your mixed plate.

And so on, negotiation was over with my new friend. I have no idea if she heard my “recommendation” , but thankfully she served the grasshoppers in a little white bowl.

At first sight it is more disgusting than you think it seems.

To be honest, I was hesitated even to touch them, but I ended up with trying them first. The surprise is that grasshoppers were actually way too cool. They were served no wings or legs and they are cleaned from the inside, so everything that could be considered disgusting was taken off.


The spicy detail is that I got more two “ticks” on my to do-list that night:

  • Eat a grasshopper
  • Kiss in the club, after eating a grasshopper.

I got an excuse though; it was Halloween. I had to look (or taste) creepy somehow.


But, that’s another -extremely timely-story to tell…

The place I spend my “Halloween Night” in Vienna.

More “foodies” are coming soon…   


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