How crocodile really tastes?

Australian Meal Vol.1

  Oh yeah, I have tried this kind of weird meat. But before I start describing it, I would like to make things clear. Firstly, I love animals and I am 100% concerned about the endangered species or about the animal abuse and I am against to this cruelty. So as not to be misunderstood, the species of crocodile I tried was of “least concern”. Now I feel I can go on with my narration.img_6977


  On my second time in Vienna, the city of music, I decided to visit the famous, to both locals and tourists, Crossfield’s Australian Pub. “Crossfield” is located in the heart of the city, close to Karlsplatz, and you can have from kangaroo fillet to crocodile steak for dinner.

Heading to the Australian Pub, Vienna was captivating.
The Habitué, I guess.

Entering the cool pub, I could hardly recognise the greek waitress Dora, friend of a friend. After seeking a bit for her, we finally did recognized each other. She very warmly allocated me and helped me with the strange menu. Following her suggestion, I ordered the “adventurer” mix plate including beef, kangaroo and crocodile tail.



Dora and I. When we first met we actually talked in english. After a while, I reluctantly asked her if she was Dora only to be answered back “yes” in greek. We both laughed with our silliness

    After fifteen minutes Dora appeared with a huge plate with little flags, signs of each meat. I started from the beef, continued with the kangaroo which by the way tastes like liver and I left crocodile for the very end.

   In my first try, I couldn’t make apart if it was a kind of portly or truly a crocodile’s tail. However, after trying again I realized it is actually different. Crocodile seemed to me like chicken but with the impression of a fish taste too . Sounds disgusting, right? Well, it wasn’t! Just imagine eating white meat but with the “fat” of a fresh salmon.

   I am sure that some of you are still not convinced about the greatness of croco, but this meal experience was one of my best and crocodile was about to be one of my favorite meats ever.

The “dangerous” mixed plate.

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 More foodie stories are coming…

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